Spreading Good News (Part 179 – The Calm)





The Calm

As a child growing up in the late-1940′s and early 1950′s, what I remember most about our house was the calm.  Not an easy feat for a household of nine people and a Doberman puppy!  But Mama and Daddy were calm souls, and they passed that very valuable trait on to all seven of their children.

To this very day, my four brothers and two sisters and I all talk about how grateful we are for the way we were raised!

How did Mama and Daddy create this calm?

Well, neither of them ever said a word about how they did it.  It was simply their philosophy for the way they lived.  I guess it was like breathing for them–you don’t think about the fact that you’re constantly inhaling and exhaling.  You just do.

I don’t remember either of them yelling or screaming.  Imagine that.  Seven kids and no yelling or screaming!  We kids knew what we were supposed to do and what we were not supposed to do, and we did it or didn’t do it.

Maybe it was our desire not to get a “whippin’.”

Mama and Daddy both believed in using the belt on our butts!  But it was always the last resort and not in an abusive manner.  It did what it was supposed to do—change your behavior!

From birth to 18 years of age, I received no more than five “whippin’s.”  And, to be honest, I only remember getting one.  I was about six or seven years old, and my oldest brother and I were going at it.  I don’t recall if we were fighting (I doubt it) or arguing.  Anyway, I deliberately stuck him with a pencil.  He told on me, and I “got it.”  Never did THAT again!

For the most part, we wanted Mama and Daddy to be proud of us, and we acted accordingly.  They set the pattern for calmness for us, and we followed.

NOTE:  I detail how we were raised in my first book, Line of Serenity.  It covers the years 1944 through 1977.  (Good food has always been—and continues to be—a big part of our family tradition, and Line of Serenity includes 21 of my recipes.)  Go to www.GoodShortBooks.com.

We kids had our disagreements, but I don’t recall any of us actually “brawling” with each other.  THAT was never allowed.

We were too busy being responsible and having fun.

All the kids took turns washing the dishes, sweeping the floors.  The boys were responsible for taking out the garbage and tending to the coal-burning furnace.  The girls had to help Mama with the ironing.

We were fortunate enough to have a television.  We took turns with that, too.  The girls’ choice one day; the boys’ the next.  Mama watched her soaps (they were called “stories” back then); Daddy watched the news and baseball.

Always calm.

~ Joyce Fields


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About Line of Serenity (Joyce Fields)

As a thought leader for today's generation, I choose to be part of the solution and am doing things that positively impact people's lives. In addition to being a happy, married (since 1967!) woman, sister, aunt, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, I have over 40 years' experience in "Corporate America": Stenographer, Secretary, Supervisor, Analyst, Office Manager, Executive Assistant. I am also a professional proofreader and the author of eight books (seven non-fiction; one children's fiction--http://www.GoodShortBooks.com).
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