Spreading Good News (Part 265 – Welcome Each Year!)

The goal of Spreading Good News is for readers to:

GET INSPIRED and/or GET MOTIVATED and/or GET INFORMED and/or GET AWE-STRUCK and/or GET A BREAK FROM ALL THE NEGATIVE NEWS and to tell readers about my books!!


THIS WEEK’S REVIEW:  “THE VISION:  Telling Kids That They Can Make the World a Better Place”

Keisha Glenn, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney – Wayne County, Michigan, says, “The Vision is crafted in such a way that it is the perfect tool for young children to learn about the value of education and for African-American children to briefly witness the struggles of their ancestors in obtaining an education.

The worksheets in the book are a wonderful way to get children to recognize, think about, and discuss the opportunities available to them both educationally and socially.  Having the children create goals and sign contracts is a wonderful idea to stimulate enthusiasm and create a sense of accomplishment.

As a juvenile court prosecutor, I saw first-hand how many kids took for granted the opportunities they had to get an education.  I think every classroom and courtroom dealing with young children should make The Vision required reading.”

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~ George Eliot



Welcome Each Year!

A few days ago, I had an interesting conversation with a 29-year-old working mother.

She told me that, although she had just turned 29, she was dreading turning 30.  She thought that 30 was “old.”  So, I asked her a few questions that caused her to stop and think about her reaction to aging:

1.      What happens if you don’t turn 30?

2.      Would you rather die before your next birthday?

3.      Are you smarter at 29 than you were at 19?

4.      Do you think you’ll be smarter at 30 than you were at 20?

I assured her that it is a blessing to live to see each year.  I’m 67, and I’m looking forward to turning 70!  I’ll get older, but I’ll never get “old.”  Getting older is a fact—if you continue to live.  Getting “old” is a state of mind.

And I told her that, as you get older, you bring more knowledge and experience to bear on the problems and challenges that life presents.  Living gets easier because you learn more about what’s important and what’s not; who’s important and who’s not.

In addition to being a working mother, she and her boyfriend live together with her 11-year-old child, and she is a college student.  She has a chance to get her degree earlier if she loads on more classes.  I could hear in her voice that she and her boyfriend don’t particularly like that idea, and she would have even less time to spend with her child.  She was already under enough pressure and stress with the load she’s presently carrying.  So, I asked her some more questions:

1.      Do you like the idea of adding more pressure and stress to yourself and those you love?

2.      What might the added pressure and stress do to your happiness?

3.      How high a price do you want to pay for getting your degree earlier?

4.      What do you lose if you get your degree later, rather than sooner?

5.      What do you gain if you get your degree later, rather than sooner?

She thought all this over, answered all the questions for herself and decided that she does, indeed, want to get older, and she’s not going to load on more classes!

Way to go, girl!!

~ Joyce Fields


About Line of Serenity (Joyce Fields)

As a thought leader for today's generation, I choose to be part of the solution and am doing things that positively impact people's lives. In addition to being a happy, married (since 1967!) woman, sister, aunt, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, I have over 40 years' experience in "Corporate America": Stenographer, Secretary, Supervisor, Analyst, Office Manager, Executive Assistant. I am also a professional proofreader and the author of 10 books (mostly non-fiction)--http://www.GoodShortBooks.com).
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