Spreading Good News (Part 378 – My Breast Cancer Journey: Phase 2 Continues)

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On Friday, September 23, my husband went with me to get a whole-body PET scan.  I wanted to get this done BEFORE I started radiation.  No rhyme or reason to it—just a personal preference.  As some of my family and close friends would say, “It’s a ‘Joyce thing.’”

Joe, the technician, came into the prep room and injected me (didn’t hurt a bit!) with a small amount of radioactive material (called a “tracer”) and dye.  Then, I had to wait for about 45 minutes while this stuff went through my body.  I didn’t feel a thing—just normal.

Then, it was time for me to meet the machine.

I am absolutely amazed at the ingenuity of the human mind to design and build these machines!  The PET scan machine looks like a big tunnel.  The technician had me lie on this narrow table and insert my arms into a “sleeve-like” muff—there is no place to rest your arms.  The muff was very comfortable.

I had to lie perfectly still while the technician slowly guided me through the tunnel as the machine did its scanning—in sections.  He would move me a little, then stop, and the machine would make this sound (not loud), and the scanning lights would flash (not bright); then, on to the next section.

The whole process took about 30 minutes.  PET scan done.  I have an appointment with Dr. Mac on October 11.  It may be sooner, if I can get it rescheduled.

On Monday, September 26, I had my first radiation session.  Another amazing machine!

My radiation therapists, Kelly and Cat, had me lie on this narrow table—yep, another narrow table!  But, this time, they took my arms and positioned them in these stirrup-looking gadgets.  Very comfortable.  They moved my body around, in little increments, calling off coordinates, until I was perfectly positioned.

And, someone was smart enough to have a flat-screen television mounted on the ceiling—right in the patient’s line of vision.  It was tuned to the local news.  I’m a news/politics/current affairs addict, so—perfecto!

The machine looks like a big circle that can rotate over your body (at breast level) from left to right, or vice versa.  There’s a little “window” (approximately 2” x 3”) in the center that changed size, depending on the movement of the “rods” in the window.  I watched it make changes and heard it issue the radiation.  You don’t see the radiation; you just hear it.  Much like getting a dental xray.  No pain at all—except for the three “tattoos” that Kelly gave me—one on my right side, one on my left side, and one between my breasts.  They each felt like a single pin prick.  She and Cat will use them as guide markers.

Starting next week, I will see Dr. Chen (my Radiation Oncologist) every Wednesday.

The radiation session lasted for 20 minutes.  I now have two sessions down, 33 more to go.  I have a written schedule, and I’m crossing them off as I complete them.

I believe in signs—especially GOOD signs.  Guess when my last session is scheduled for?  Get ready for this.  It blew my mind!  My last radiation session is scheduled for Friday, 11/11/11!!  Wow!!

As usual, thank you for your continued prayers and good wishes!!


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If you’re interested in reading all about “My Breast Cancer Journey,” those posts start with post #334 (scroll down).


~ Joyce Fields








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  1. Nita says:

    Very interesting!
    I like the “11/11/11.” If memory serves me correctly (and it does!), you left Michigan heading for California on 1/11…sounds like a “winner” to me!

  2. Awsome article and right to the point. I am not sure if this is truly the best place to ask but do you guys have any ideea where to get some professional writers? Thanks 🙂

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