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It’s Wednesday!!  Time for “Excerpts From My Books.”

Line of Serenity
by Joyce Fields

The title, “Line of Serenity,” resulted from a conversation that my soul mate, Frederick (better known as “Pap”) and I had on September 19, 1996 when Pap was talking about the dispositions of my sisters and brothers and me.

He said, “All y’all have that line of serenity running through y’all.”

Pap and I have been together since 1957, when we were both 13 years old.  We’ve been married since we were 23.  He has been around my family virtually every day for 55 years.  When he first uttered the term, “line of serenity,” I  was intrigued and wanted him to make sure that both of us understood what happens when you have one or what he sees or feels that tells him there is one.

It was strange, but fulfilling, to read Pap’s description of a “line of serenity” and his perspective on my family members’ personalities, philosophies and tendencies.

A line of serenity, what is it?   Is it a blessing for only a select few or do we all have one?  Where does it come from?  What does it do?  Is having a line something you finally start to understand, or is it something that you can only feel?  Would you know if you didn’t have one?  Does having one improve a person’s chances of being happy and hopeful when dealing with life’s ups and downs?  Is a line of serenity an intentional state of mind or is it a subconscious condition of being?  Can it be defined as a feeling or should it be looked at like a belief?  Is having a line the same as having the character to not be afraid of a fight when the stakes are really high?  Or is it having the tendency to listen and learn, rather than to be heard?  When people have a line of serenity, do they always find a way to give more in any personal encounter than they expect to receive?  Does everybody want one?  Does everybody need one?  On the other hand, can a person be equally as happy without one?

When trying to understand the concept of having a line of serenity, the issue seems to be centered around trying to find a personal tool that helps you to be positive about what you learn or experience.  It seems like having a line forces you to measure happiness in terms of how satisfied you are with the consequences of your actions and decisions.

It seems that Joyce (“JJ”) and her brothers and sisters enjoy an awful lot of praise from others, certainly more than you ever hear them brag about or even compliment themselves on.  You can always hear JJ, Bro, Cordell, Nita, Kenny, or Ava say that they always try to be a good person, never that they are.  I didn’t forget about Reggie, it’s just that he’s so far away and you don’t see much of him.  But, from what I can gather from eavesdropping on the phone conversations that they have with him, I’ll bet he’s the same way.

On holidays, it’s not unusual to find that everybody just happens to be at the “family home.”  It’s called the “family home” because everybody knows that if there’s no place else to go, they can always go there.  If a family member falls on hard times, no matter the reason, they know that they have somewhere they can go where they are welcome and accepted.  They know that they need not worry about money or space.  They know that they are only expected to contribute financially when they can.  As far as a question of whether or not there’s enough room, there’s no such thing.  In that family home, you can never lose your place.

The fascinating thing about everybody being at their house is that they seem to go out of their way to make sure that everybody feels welcome and included.  They always take responsibility for each person and they make sure that nobody feels left out.  It’s almost as though they have a “second sense” that lets them know when people need to feel welcomed and appreciated.  And, equally as fascinating, people seem to automatically know that how they are being treated is genuine and sincere.  It always seemed like being with them made everybody feel so very warm and cuddly.

If you offer to help one of them, there is never any doubt that your offer and help were appreciated.  You always walk away feeling that what you did had much more hidden value than you realized.  It always seems to make you feel good to know that you offered.  You get a sense of real satisfaction because you think that you did much more than you were expected to do.

Since they are so serene within themselves, it makes you feel more at peace with yourself.  Not that these people are without fault but, instead, the atmosphere created by their line of serenity is very infectious.  It seems to have a way of affecting the attitudes of anybody that comes into contact with them.  When people come into contact with them, they appear to be more at ease and eager to talk about whatever is troubling them.

They are easy to talk to because they seem to always have the time to listen.  And the fact that they are so genuinely attentive makes you more patient and aware of your chance to vent your feelings.

But, the infection seems only temporary because as quickly as you leave them, the alertness and patience seems to fade away.  I guess the impact of having a line of serenity has to come from within for it to last for any length of time.

What it comes down to is having a line of serenity seems to make it easier to handle the difficult moments that life is filled with.  When belief in yourself is the only place you can turn to find happiness or peace, you need a tool to help you remember that faith in yourself is vital.  How could you ever truly believe in any power greater than yourself if you don’t have a viable strategy to help you believe in yourself?

And, even if you choose not to believe in a Higher Power, that’s all the more reason for you to have a solid plan to ensure that you honestly, and realistically, believe in yourself.  The line of serenity makes it logical, comfortable and easy to seek answers from within.  It is truly a joy to watch a person, in the mist of tragedy and bewilderment, look inside and find peace, answers, and hope.  When you get right down to it, hopelessness is probably the best place for fear and self-doubt to sabotage your determination and character.  Pretending to handle conflict, tragedy and pain is one thing; handling them successfully is quite another.  Having a line of serenity makes it simple.  You know where to look for answers and you can be confident that the answers you get will be centered around your best interests.

When you think about your best interests, it’s good to remember that you can’t help others if you haven’t learned how to help yourself.  Much of the magic of having a line of serenity is centered around having an honest appreciation for the good in others and the joy of giving.

When you consider that the only love you really receive is the love that you give away, being aware of the value of giving is a gift in and of itself.  When you are confident about how you feel about yourself, it is much easier to give of yourself.

The question is:  “Where did they get it from?”  How can we figure out where this illusive line came from or, maybe, who did it come from?  How do you figure out how to get one, if you decided having one might work for you? Maybe the notion of having a line of serenity will make more sense if we ponder how it might have started.


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