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Line of Serenity
by Joyce Fields

The title, “Line of Serenity,” resulted from a conversation that my soul mate, Frederick (better known as “Pap”) and I had on September 19, 1996 when Pap was talking about the dispositions of my sisters and brothers and me.

He said, “All y’all have that line of serenity running through y’all.”

Pap and I have been together since 1957, when we were both 13 years old.  We’ve been married since we were 23.  He has been around my family virtually every day for 55 years.  When he first uttered the term, “line of serenity,” I  was intrigued and wanted him to make sure that both of us understood what happens when you have one or what he sees or feels that tells him there is one.

It was strange, but fulfilling, to read Pap’s description of a “line of serenity” and his perspective on my family members’ personalities, philosophies and tendencies.

The Way Pap Sees It (Continued from July 11, 2012)

Pretending to handle conflict, tragedy and pain is one thing; handling them successfully is quite another.  Having a line of serenity makes it simple.  You know where to look for answers and you can be confident that the answers you get will be centered around your best interests.

When you think about your best interests, it’s good to remember that you can’t help others if you haven’t learned how to help yourself.  Much of the magic of having a line of serenity is centered around having an honest appreciation for the good in others and the joy of giving.

When you consider that the only love you really receive is the love that you give away, being aware of the value of giving is a gift in and of itself.  When you are confident about how you feel about yourself, it is much easier to give of yourself.

The question is:  “Where did they get it from?”  How can we figure out where this illusive line came from or, maybe, who did it come from?  How do you figure out how to get one, if you decided having one might work for you? Maybe the notion of having a line of serenity will make more sense if we ponder how it might have started.

The mama and daddy were Rose and George, Sr.  It’s kind of funny that when I think about them, I always start with Rose first.  Not that George wasn’t a big part of that time, but Rose was the reason that everything happened or didn’t happen.  She always seemed to be “the bottom line.” Rose died in 1977 and still is thought about or talked about, what seems like, every day.

To me, it often feels like there’s not a day that goes by that either something she did or something she said doesn’t start to affect what I think, start to do, or want to do.

As I recall, she was an incredible woman because she was always the same.  In good times and bad, she was always sensitive and fair.  She was there for everybody.  No matter what you thought you wanted to do, she had a way of  helping you to understand why you should or why you shouldn’t do it.

She would always focus the conversation on you and what you wanted.  She seemed to be very comfortable with sort of being like a road sign in the  crossroads to the future.  And, she had endless patience with everybody.

No matter how many people in the family that had problems with each other, nobody ever had a problem with Rose.  She was the peacemaker and the standard by which most of the family measured themselves.  They used her standards when they dealt with themselves or anybody else.  It’s not enough to say that she was a loving person, because she was that and so much more.

I cannot think about when or where things may have started without first thinking about Rose.  I guess I think about her first because she was the beginning.  If anybody or anything was responsible for creating the staging area for people being able to have a line, it had to be Rose.  It’s tough to talk about Rose because, if you didn’t experience her, it seems unfair to expect anyone to believe such a person could have ever lived.

George, the daddy, was a real man’s man.  He died in 1974.  He was physically very strong.  I guess I remember most that he could lift things that you would think should have taken at least two people to lift.  He worked in a foundry and seemed to take a lot of pleasure in making sure everybody knew how hard he thought his job was and how tough he was to be able to do it.  He was the anchor of the family.  Not always sensitive, but always kept the family in safe waters.

He did things the way he felt they should have been done and demanded that everybody prove how tough they were every day.  If you asked him for answers, he would do or say things that forced you to realize that you could find the best answers if you looked deep enough inside of yourself.

He wouldn’t give you directions, he would demand that you learn your own way and then decide how far you could go on your own.  He wouldn’t tell you what he thought you should do; rather, he would make you realize that you should do something.

He never depended on anybody for anything and it seemed like what he did, or didn’t do, was his decision, and his alone.  His line seemed to be a result of his strength and his determination to do things his way.

Thinking about him, you have to believe that he had to have some sort of line.  Maybe it was because he knew it would be best for him to be at peace with himself or, maybe, because he just knew it would be best if he had one.

Anyway, when you think about somebody having a line of serenity or not having one, Rose and George had to be the beginning because everybody that I know who has that line, came from them.


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  1. Sandra says:

    What an awesome foundation you had. Your mom sounds so much like mine.

  2. Hello. impressive job. I did not anticipate this. This is a splendid story. Thanks!

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