My Simple Quotes to Live By – Week of April 6, 2014


My Simple Quotes - GSB - Amazon(excerpted from “My Simple Quotes to Live By” – available at [available on Kindle, too!] and

Growing up in a home with eight other people (two parents and six siblings), I don’t remember having to look for anything! That’s amazing!! With seven children, our mother insisted on creating order and organization. And order and organization allow you to develop good habits. Everything has a place. If you use it, put it back in its place so the next person doesn’t have to look for it. That saves a lot of time–which makes life easier.

1. Make a conscious effort to develop good habits. Say it out loud so that you hear it and can internalize it, make it stick.

2. Start with one thing. If you typically lose your keys around the house, decide where you will put them. There should be no more than three places for them to be. If you typically leave the bread open when making a sandwich, focus on taking out the bread you will use, then close the package before you proceed to make your sandwich. DO NOT FOCUS ON MAKING YOUR SANDWICH! If you always run out of body wash while you’re in the shower, store an extra container of it in the shower. When you open one, store another one. That way, you’ll never run out again.

Good habits last a lifetime! Pass it on!

“GOOD HABITS, ORDER, AND ORGANIZATION MAKE LIFE EASIER.” – Another simple quote that you can live by!


My 70th birthday - February 4, 2014

My 70th birthday – February 4, 2014

“I write books that inspire YOU on YOUR journey to make the world a better place.”

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2 Responses to My Simple Quotes to Live By – Week of April 6, 2014

  1. Sandra Garth says:

    Very wise words to live by and excellent habits to adopt. I’m making a habit of storing my keys and cell phone in one place in my purse. Can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted looking for them and they were right under my nose.

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