FOUR (4) AWESOME FOREWORDS! ~ December 6, 2014

“A Breast Cancer Journey to GREATER Joy!  Taking the fear and mystery out of a breast cancer diagnosis!”

Breast Cancer Cover 3







60 pages; $12.99 – available at

Here are the four awesome forewords written by my doctors for this book:



It is my pleasure to write this foreword for Joyce Fields. Joyce has been on a breast cancer journey, not of her own choice, for the past several years. She is doing remarkably well and remains cancer free. Joyce has a wonderful attitude, great love and support from family and friends as well as outstanding support and treatment from extraordinary professionals, namely Dr. Stanley Tu (Internal Medicine), Dr. Dawn Hills (Surgery) and Dr. Helen Chen (Radiation Oncology). Joyce has taken charge of this cancer challenge and remains an inspiration to all of us. Her spirit shines through this wonderful memoir.

Mark V. McNamara, MD



Mrs. Fields’ memoir recounting her experience with cancer is an honest look at the trials and tribulations that cancer patients endure. Her battle with cancer has ended in success. She is doing very well. I am honored to have been part of the team of physicians that helped her through this tough part of her life. It has been a pleasure getting to know Mrs. Fields through the years. She has a great outlook on life and has taught me a thing or two about courage and positive thinking. I look forward to our visits in the office and being greeted with a great big smile and hug.

Stanley S. Tu, MD
Internal Medicine



I had the pleasure of caring for Joyce Fields during her radiation treatment in 2011. I recall her at that time being a woman with a uniquely positive attitude.

Joyce writes an extremely straightforward and easy-to-read book, with everything explained in lay terms. I believe that her personal recollection of the details of undergoing breast cancer treatment and the decision making involved offers great support to other patients because they are able to essentially relive her experience through reading this book.

Details regarding the emotions she went through, interactions with family members, scheduling appointments, reactions to big machines like radiation machines and PET/CT scanners are vividly recounted. Treatment involves visits to so many different physicians and undergoing so many tests.

Reading Joyce’s book ahead of time would greatly prepare patients regarding what to expect. Early-stage breast cancer is generally a highly-curable disease. However, the word “cancer” is extremely stressful, and Joyce takes the mystery out of treatment of early-stage breast cancer.

Anyone anxious following a diagnosis of early-stage breast cancer (and who isn’t?!) should read this book. It will greatly help them prepare for the road ahead.

Finally, having a positive attitude like Joyce’s is actually immensely helpful in meeting the challenges of breast cancer treatment among other life’s challenges.

Helen Chen, MD
Radiation Oncology



I have the privilege of writing a foreword for this account of one woman’s journey through the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. I was fortunate to have been the breast surgeon for Joyce Fields. Her positive attitude during and after surgery provided the optimum scenario for healing of both body and spirit. Through this book she provides a path of hope for women beginning a similar, unwelcome journey. I encourage them to find inspiration and hope through her example.

Dawn M. Hills, M.D.

About Line of Serenity (Joyce Fields)

As a thought leader for today's generation, I choose to be part of the solution and am doing things that positively impact people's lives. In addition to being a happy, married (since 1967!) woman, sister, aunt, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, I have over 40 years' experience in "Corporate America": Stenographer, Secretary, Supervisor, Analyst, Office Manager, Executive Assistant. I am also a professional proofreader and the author of 10 books (mostly non-fiction)--
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4 Responses to FOUR (4) AWESOME FOREWORDS! ~ December 6, 2014

  1. Congratulations and thanks.
    Marcy Westerling

  2. Sandra Garth says:

    Congratulations you are having an amazing journey!

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