Marsha’s Heart Attack Symptoms

~ Joyce Fields

I first posted this piece in February 2011.  Because it contains information about heart attack symptoms that could help save someone’s life, I think it’s worth posting again, since new people read my blog every day.

I received word on Thursday (February 17) afternoon that my cousin, Marsha, had a heart attack and was hospitalized on Wednesday (February 16).  We’re about the same age.

We grew up together.  There are seven of them and seven of us.  Our mothers (both of them have passed on) adored each other.  We visited each other’s homes  very often (14 kids in one house!).

Marsha has always been fun, funny, and delightfully crazy!

I called her in the hospital, and she sounded good.  Like Marsha.  I commented on how good and strong she sounded.  She replied, “That’s what everybody keeps telling me, but I AIN’T SICK!!”  We both cracked up.  Like I said, she’s delightfully crazy.

Marsha wants women to know what happened, because the symptoms for women can be different than those for men.  And men can pass the word to the women they know and love.

She said it was shortly after she had eaten dinner on Tuesday that she started experiencing discomfort.  She thought it was indigestion or acid reflux.  She chewed on some antacid tablets.  She felt better on Wednesday—until she started moving around.  Then, the discomfort returned.

She never had any chest pain or shortness of breath.  She had pain in her back, in the upper shoulder area, up her neck and jaws—even her teeth were hurting.  She had pain going down both arms.  She vomited three times.

She called her clinic.  Her doctor wasn’t in, but she was told that someone else could see her and it was recommended that she speak with a nurse.  After describing her symptoms, the nurse told her to go straight to the hospital emergency room.  Much to her surprise, she was admitted.

After analyzing her blood (she said they took six vials!), they told her that she had had a heart attack.  Being as delightfully crazy as she is, Marsha exclaimed loudly, “What?!”  “When?!”

She’s cracking up the hospital staff.  Just like her entire family, they love her!!

They put a stint in her heart (95% blockage in one artery!), and she’s doing well.

Thank you, God!!


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2 Responses to MARSHA’S HEART ATTACK SYMPTOMS – November 1, 2015

  1. Sandra Garth says:

    This bears repeating often, thank you.

  2. Glad that you agree with reposting this, Sandy!!

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