Two AWESOME Forewords for “THE VISION. . .”

the-vision-final-cover-031914Here’s what a former prosecuting attorney for juveniles and a Ph.D. college English professor had to say in their forewords for my book,

“THE VISION: Telling Kids That They Can Make the World a Better Place”

The Vision is crafted in such a way that it is the perfect tool for young children to learn about the value of education and for African-American children to briefly witness the struggles of their ancestors in obtaining an education.

The worksheets in the book are a wonderful way to get children to recognize, think about, and discuss the opportunities available to them both educationally and socially. Having the children create goals and sign contracts is a wonderful idea to stimulate enthusiasm and create a sense of accomplishment.

As a juvenile court prosecutor, I saw first-hand how many kids took for granted the opportunities they had to get an education. I think every classroom and courtroom dealing with young children should make The Vision required reading.

Keisha L. Glenn
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Wayne County, Michigan

For late elementary and middle-school children, The Vision is all about discovering who they are and how they can make this world a better place. For teachers, The Vision serves as an interactive classroom guide where students examine themselves and the world as they were, as they are and as they want to be. Best of all, The Vision calls for positive action – and leads the way as children set and move toward their own goals.

Immediately, The Vision provides the script for a brief play about a young boy and a young girl, both slaves, whispering in the barn on a southern plantation in 1855. The boy has just been beaten for wanting to learn to read and write. The girl repeats her sister’s visions of the future, a place where all boys and girls in America have an opportunity to learn to read and write as they develop their own skills and enrich the world. Based on her sister’s visions of the future, the slave girl draws the boy (and the audience) into hope and new possibilities for the future.

The Vision provides fun, practical activities that structure and stimulate critical dialog. The creative teacher can use the tools and exercises in this book for a student’s individual self-exploration, for large and small group discussions, for teacher and student interaction and for student discussions with others outside the classroom. In this workbook, students ask questions, record and discuss responses, evaluate themselves, seek feedback, recognize their value and begin to improve themselves and the world.

Motivational home and school contracts encourage students to commit to goals. Students can track and evaluate their own performance. Students will recognize that they are the important people who can continue to learn and grow as they shape themselves and the future.

Carol Carpenter, Ed.D.
Livonia, MI

“THE VISION: Telling Kids That They Can Make the World a Better Place” is available at and at for $9.99 (48 pages; ages 8 to 16).

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